General terms and conditions of sales

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Dénomination sociale : RD-Editions
Forme sociale : E.U.R.L
Adresse du siège social : 20 bis rue de la cabane 79300 BRESSUIRE
Numéro d’inscription au RCS : SIRET: 482 657 442 00034 APE: 5920Z
Représentant légal/Responsable du Site : Barbara SITCHARN
responsable de la rédaction : Didier RAMDINE
Numéro de téléphone : 07 81 10 19 24

Every order placed from the website R-D Editions implies full acceptation, unreservedly, of the following general terms and conditions of sales (available on the website) from the client. This also applies to every order made from our company, by phone, fax, e-mail, mail or every mean of communication.

Our prices are increased according to the tariffs currently in force when the work is executed out of office hours, to respond to the client's demand.

Orders : They are placed with R-D Editions on the website, by letter, by fax, by e-mail. A verbal order of execution and the handing of documents (such as checks or wire transfer) can count as an order form : but we also reserve the right to ask for a written order form. The client's order form must precisely mention either the address, the industrial or commercial profession, the registration number at the commercial register.
The orders will only be taken into account as soon as the full payment of the price ATI (all taxes included) will be sent to the head office of R-D Editions and the money credited to the bank account of the company R-D Editions.

Delivery capability : The delivery time is the one indicated once the money is credited to the company's bank account. Delivery capability is an estimate only and its non-observation can not, in any way, lead to a discount or a compensation, especially in times of social movements, fires, train stations closings, or a Major Force event. Our merchandise travel at the risk and peril of the client. The complaints in matter of delay, damage or missing, must be reported as soon as the merchandise is received, on the delivery form. Under no circumstances the litigation with the delivery company can justify the non-payment of charged merchandise.
R-D Editions disclaim responsibility with regard to merchandise, that travels at the risk and peril of the buyer.

Payments are made to the address mentioned on the website. Acceptance is no exception to this clause.

Complaints about the characteristics, the quantity of the delivered merchandise, or its eventual non-conformity to the packing slip, must be addressed in writing to R-D Editions, 20bis rue de la Cabane, 79300, Bressuire, FRANCE, within the 3 (three) days following the delivery. Complaints must be written in a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt. In default of any complaint in the applicable period and prescribed conditions, the client will be considered as having accepted unreservedly the merchandise, which will forbid any recourse. If the client notices a printing problem, they will be able to ask for, within 8 days, the reprinting of the documents, in a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt, only if they keep the defective productions available for R-D Editions. This right can only be exercised if all copies of the said documents are returned in their package, wih a copy of the bill and/or the delivery form. The delivery costs will only be at our expense in case of fabrication default acknowledged by R-D Editions.

In case of manufacturing defect acknowledged by R-D Editions, they reserve the right to proceed to the reprinting of the product, non-billable, without any reclamation of any penalty. The defective documents must remain available for R-D Editions' carrier, who can ask for it at anytime. In the absence of those documents, the reprinting will be subject to additional charges.
Responsibility : R-D Editions cannot be held responsible for the use of their products. The simple fact of placing an order implies that the client made sure that the product he ordered conforms to the legal requirements according to its application and compatible with it. In case of litigation the parties attribute legal jurisdiction to the appropriate courts of our head office. However, although the responsibility of the merchandise is transferred to the buyer as soon as it is delivered, the merchandise belongs to the seller until full payment (“RESERVE DE PROPRIETE” law n° 80 335 of the 12/05/80).

Any clause to the contrary of those above shall be considered null and void.

By placing an order, the client agrees to be bound by the present Terms and Conditions.

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