Didier Ramdine

Born in 1972, his career has been quite unusual (author, composer, arranger, publisher, choirmaster, producer...) gave him the opportunity to create this publishing company.

His Studies :
He won two conservatory prizes in 1996 and 2001, then graduated from the UQAM university in a Masters Degree of Film Scoring. The same year, he got into Alvaro PIERRI's post-graduate studies class.

His Career :
Soloist guitarist in Versailles's military band in 1996, he then began to study scoring as well as conducting. In 1998, he decided to specialize in scoring afro-carribean music. He met several masters of the discipline, such as Miguel GARAU (pupil of Abel CARLEVARO), Ricardo MOYANO, Fred CASTRI, Alvaro PIERRI, Gérard LOCKEL...

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RD - Editions

RD – Editions was created in 2005. The main am of the company is to score music and the musical way of thinking specific to Africa and to the West Indies.
Several pieces of work are available in the catalog : oratorios, operas, transcriptions, scores for guitar, piano, flute, violin...
Since 2013, RD - Editions broadened its musical horizons by putting talented composers in the limelight.
This year, RD – Editions is working with Igor Troppée, who is composing 10 scores for piano beginners, in which the student will be able to be backed up by the soundtrack of a symphonic orchestra.
The fantastic gathers both the theme and the beauty of his compositions.